Embellished Gel Plate Monoprinting

Greeting cards – Embellished Gel Plate Monoprinting

Gel plate printing is a technique using firm gelatin, either with a homemade “plate” or a purchased “gel plate.” The plate is covered with acrylic paint, using 2 or 3 colors, then pressed onto either paper or fabric. Using a roller is an easy way to apply the paint. I used blank cardstock purchased from Michael’s. I then added additional elements to each card, using stamps, pieces of fabric or papers, to achieve a layering effect. 

I used Golden Matte Medium to attach various embellishments, with a paintbrush. It acts as a glue and, when dry, is clear. This process is very fun, addictive, and improvisational, and can be done with children for an art project. One of my friends had her six-year-old twins make cards for holiday gifts, and they were a great success. I, too, made lots and lots of cards (did I say making them is addictive?) and gave them as gifts. Be sure to buy enough blank cards! 

This technique is also great for fabric. Using paint makes the fabric a little stiffer, but allows for a great amount of creativity. The internet has a vast amount of information about gel plate printing. 

Here are closeups of some embellished gel plate cards I like:

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